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Small Space, Feeling big | Montclair, NJ

"Just took the inaugural shower, Loved it! Big, airy, natural sunlight. WOW Just like being at the Four Seasons Hotel. Thanks for the super design"- Jay Seldin


After 35 years in this house, it was time to overhaul this bathroom. It only took a few small changes to completely transform this 50sq ft, third floor bathroom . My clients (who also happen to be my parents), gave me complete artist license to make this bathroom more functional. Removing a small and overstuffed linen closet and partition wall did the trick. The bold use of pattern and color helps redirect the focus away from the small footprint to the beautiful Moroccan inspired design. The best part about designing this (aside from the fact that I got to use it on my most recent visit) is that this bathroom was MY bathroom 6th grade through high school and every time I visit. I loved having my room on the third floor away from every one and it was great to not have to share a bathroom as a teen. It was a childhood dream come true to get to redesign this exactly how I envisioned.


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