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...In a city far far away…Bachelor Pad Makeover | San Francisco, CA

When a Star Wars loving, music listening, cocktail aficionado bachelor moved from his New York City apartment into a new home in the Mission Terrace neighborhood of San Francisco, he knew he needed some help making this perviously owned pad feel like his own. While it was crucial to incorporate all his “must haves” to make it feel like home, I found it necessary to make his child hood obsession sophisticated but also subtle, not so scare off any potential ladies :) Highlighting the architectural detail with dark trim, created a perfect canvas for displaying his Star Wars paraphernalia ( that flocked Star War toile Wallpaper, though!!) and music posters from his time working in the music industry. The mix and match of materials and finishes allows him to add to the design without feeling like something will look out of place. He can easily entertain since we maximized the seating and improved the flow of the space. The custom art piece above the mantel was made from antique pulleys and fishing rope, making this bachelor pad truly a one-of-a-kind design.

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