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Revitalized Victorian | San Francisco CA

In early 2021, I embarked on a kitchen remodel of a classic Noe Valley Victorian home. As I delved into the project, I discovered the home's rich history, which we needed to honor in our design. This house had not only survived the 1906 earthquake but had also been home to a group of German shipbuilders. Over the years, its unique Victorian elements had been stripped away in favor of basic renovations. Understanding the importance of authenticity, I was given two primary goals: to breathe new life into the old bones by reincorporating lost Victorian details, and to infuse the space with vibrant turquoise accents.

As often happens, the kitchen renovation evolved into a multi-space restoration. We reconfigured the kitchen layout, transformed a closet into a powder room, and converted an awkwardly laid-out bathroom into a spectacular primary bathroom featuring a custom-designed stained glass window.

We successfully completed this project in early 2023, two years after we began.

Photos by Bess Friday

Styled by Beth Protass

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